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Paying It Forward

I have donated to the Ottawa Sustainability Fund as a way of sharing the money I saved from conservation and efficiency in my life.  If you would like to help green projects in Ottawa, you can donate on their website as well at!  You can commit a percentage of your monthly energy savings with a monthly donation.

Another innovative fund in Ottawa is Justchange.  Members pools resources by pledging $50 individually bimonthly and then grant $1000 to whatever initiative they choose.

You can also donate to green projects across Canada with the TD Friends of the Environment Foundation or with the Small Change Fund!

Also, I found an organization in the States that is very similar to Greening With Gratitude called RE-volv.  You can donate to a seed fund which builds and leases solar systems to community centres.  The payments from the leases are reinvested into building more solar systems.

I am also looking for projects to work with, ideally one that could get someone started with their own savings.  If you are interested, give me a shout at [email protected]

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